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RENEGADES - Token & Dice Set

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RENEGADES - Token & Dice Set

RENEGADES - Miniature Wargame

This box set contains all the accessories you need to play a game of RENEGADES! Inside the neat package you'll find 40 double-sided tokens, 37 dice and a rules cheat sheet!


  • Box: A great-looking box featuring beautiful artwork by Joakim Ericsson. The back of the box features a designated scoreboard for tracking points in the game!
  • Rules Cheat Sheet: This is a handy, straight-to-the-point summary of the main rules (the full rulebook is available here). Foldable, printed in colour and double-sided.
  • Tokens: Get a crystal clear overview of your combat zone by using these beautiful, double-sided tokens!

    • 18x Expended: Keep track of soldiers' remaining action points.
    • 8x Defense: Mark out soldiers that benefit from defense buffs.
    • 8x Special Effects: Highlight various effects in the combat zone.
    • 4x Objectives: Fight over these highly valuable locations!
    • 2x Reinforcement Sites: Use these to bring in reinforcements.
  • Dice: Yes yes, we know that you already have dice for rolling! However, these ones are intended for tracking soldier vitality and tallying points on the scoreboard (that's on the back of the box).

    • 1x Turn Counter: Keep track of those turns!
    • 3x Player One: Tally Player One’s squad and victory points.
    • 3x Player Two: Tally Player Two’s squad and victory points.
    • 20x Vitality (Red): Track the health of up to 20 soldiers.
    • 10x Vitality (Black): Track the health of up to 10 soldiers with the hardened trait.


Note that this product does NOT contain a rulebook. The rulebook is 100% free and is available digitally here. This approach makes it easy to update and expand the rules based on your feedback and requests. 

The contents may slightly differ in appearance from the photos shown here. This product is intended for adults (and their inner children). Not suitable for actual children!

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